The Care Of Normal Skin.


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A lot of us misunderstand what it means to have normal skin or refuse the fact that most of us have normal skin. Most times if we experience slight tightness after cleansing or have little breakouts here and there, we often assume the extreme of our skin type, wether being "DRY SKIN" or "BAD ACNE". This assumption leads us to mistreat our skin leading to skin problems because we diagnosed the wrong skin type. 

So what is normal skin?

Normal skin is healthy and balanced skin meaning that the "growth and death of cells are properly balanced. The right number of topmost cells (the upper layer of the epidermis) are flaking off to help keen the skin soft and flesh, and the right amount of new cells are being generated in the bottom (basal) layer." (Debora Chase, VolII, p49.) However not all normal skin are alike, some may be a little oily while some drier. 

So how do we care for normal skin?

  1. Cleansing; A good cleanse will remove excess dirt, oil and dead cells to improve skin complexion and clarity without striping too much water of the skin, which causes dryness and flakiness. One example of a good cleanser I recommend is CHARCOAL GEL CLEANSER(Beaut.e)

Charcoal Gel Cleanser


2.  MOISTURE WITH SUN PROTECTION; The oil glands in normal skin produce enough oil to maintain water balance, so little moisture is needed when controlling how much moisture you should put on your skin. However, environmental factors can cause skin dehydration even to normal skin. So to avoid these problems,  a light greaseless moisturizer with sunscreens should be your go to. ORGANIC ULTIMATE SKIN CARE (LILY.LOAF)




3.  TONING; Toners aid making pores seems smaller by puffing up the skin around hence by removing the pore from view. When choosing a toner, it is very important to choose one with pore-controlling substances. How do you spot these products? By making sure to read labels and paying attention to astringents such as lactic acid, witch hazel, horse chestnut oil extract or aluminum salts. An example will be ALOE VERA FACE TONER(Natural skin care)

Aloe Vera Face Toner

4.  MASKS; Paste and Gel masks are both great for deep cleaning and skin revitalization. I recommend using the CLAY FACE MASK TRIO ROSE CLAY FRENCH GREEN CLAY(Organics). This gift set comes in 3 different masks to purify, detoxify and help with inflammation. I'll say get all three to get the best of it. 

5.  Saunas; Saunas should be implemented in one skin care routine weekly! The moist heat from saunas aids in pore opening to dissolve excess oils and loosens the upper layer  of the dead cells while giving supplying the skin with water. If you are serious about skin  care, you can save money and do at home sauna treatments.

Now you know how to take care of normal skin. It is now up to you to start your skin care journey. Remember a healthy diet and plenty water will show promising  results with consistency! You can purchase all these products on Zieche.Shop on skin care collection! 

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  • I definitely know I have dry skin and I am having issues finding good products. What will be a good product recommendation?
    Maggie K
  • hi. so i got the toner and its ok for my skin and i love it. but i have extremely dry skin so i avoid using a lot of products. i think it accelerates dry skin and making it worst. what do u think ?


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